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Mercedes doors are complex, they incude security modules, locking systems, air bags, airconditioning ports etc. This video shows how to go about Mercedes Benz W204 Door panel removal and Lock Repair / Replacement 2007 Mercedes Benz Door actuator Replacement W204 C200 C220 C250. The part number is described as LOCK ACTUATOR in a web search. I wonder. Interface W/Dual Voltage Systems- 1994 Probe . . 7 Door Lock Systems using Vacuum Pump . . . . . . . 8 Passenger Door Unlock Bypass Circuit/Universal. . . 8 Selective Door Unlock/Negative Pulse System. . . 9 Selective Door Unlock/Positive Pulse System . . . 9 Selective Door Unlock/Reverse Polarity System. . 10 Specialty Door Locks/93 Chrysler.

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